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To view texture maps or see other 3D models please visit my ArtStation Page or my Sketchfab Page

Lighting and Rendering

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Web Design

2D / Traditional


I have been working professionally for about 15 years; 9 of which have been in games and for the past 7, I've been teaching the next generation of Game, Film and Design content developers. I create animations, 3D Models, Concept Art, Web Prototypes as well as image, photo and video manipulation.

I've been fortunate to create 2D and 3D content for In-Game Animations and Cinematics for Real-Time Rendering, Promotional Material, UI Layouts and Designs, Short Films and Commercial assets. Because of all this, I consider myself a true content creator and digital generalist.

Artistic Skills:

• 3D Animation, • Motion Capture, • Character Rigging, • Character Concept and Design, • 3D Modeling and Texturing, • Web Design and Prototyping, • Front-end Web Application Development

Team / Leadership Skills:

• Project Management, • Time and Resource Management, • Curriculum Development,• Strong Teaching Skills, • Team Development and Supervision

Autodesk Maya

Autodesk 3DS Max


Quixel Suite



After Effects








Game Credits:

• Colossal Kaiju Combat - Lead Character Animator

• Bobiam Skate Park - Lead Animator

• Breach -< Artist

• Six Days in Fallujah (unreleased) - Animator

• Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine - Artist

• Summer Sports 2: Island Sports Party - Motion Capture Engineer

A full resume is available here: James Morris Resume


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If you would like to get in touch with me, you can email me at blondfro@gmail.com or connect with me via my LinkedIn Profile